Elephant in the dark

A multimedia and interactive installation including 3D objects, video arts, electronic buttons and woods.
Year: 2023

Unsolicited love letters

A three channel video installation

The edge of the cloud

Duration: 27’:18”
Year: 2018-19

The space in between all the physical objects

Duration: 23’:05”
Year: 2015

I am not a female artist from the Middle East in exile, I am an artist

Duration: 15’:57”
Year: 2014

The painless method

Duration: 8’:13”
Year: 2013

Biopsy of a close memory

Duration: 2’:45”
Year: 2012

Tehran 2011

Duration: 1’
Year: 2011

Tehran 2010

Duration: 2’:56”
Year: 2010

Music and flowers

Duration: 8’:14”
Year: 2010


Duration: 7’:08”
Year: 2010

School diary

Duration: 7’:08”
Year: 2009

Self portrait

Duration: 7’:19”
Year: 2007-8

The four elements

Year: 2007


Duration: 7’:03”
Year: 2005

Your face in my eyes

Duration: 3’:59”
Year: 2005

Rising up or falling down

Duration: 5’:00”
Year: 2002

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