• Video installation, “The edge of the cloud, “, Group exhibition entitled “Woman, Life, Freedom, Exhibition in collaboration with Saarlandmuseum, Saarbrücken. Saarlandische gallery, Berlin, Germany.


  • Multichannel video installation: “Unsolicited Love Letters”, WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM exhibition, Curated by Dr. Mona Stocker. Saarland Museum’s modern Gallery, Germany
  • Multimedia installation entitled: “Elephant in the dark”, RUMI exhibition curated by Dr. Michael Chagnon, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada
  • Multi media installation, Oslo Freedom Forum, Oslo, Norway
  • Solo private show, at Sahar. K. Boluki art gallery, Toronto, Ontario


  • Drawing, Curatorial exhibition, curator “Sahar Boluki”, Sahar K. Boluki gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • Video installation, Curatorial exhibition, curator “Marika Sardar”, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada [Title of the video installation: I am not an artist from the Middle East in Exile, I am an artist]



  • 2020 Video Installation, Group 30+ flowology after 16 years, Ghaf, curator: Amirhoushang Ordouei, Iranshahr gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Online video streaming, The room, Pejman Foundation, Video art “The edge of the cloud”, worldwide online video streaming scheduled on Iran/Tehran’s time


  • Video Installation, “School diary”, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Harbour Front Centre, Toronto, Canada
  • Video Art, Group exhibition, Titled: “Body Politic“, Curated by: Mania Akbari & Amirali Ghasemi, Whitechapel Gallery, London, England.
  • Video Installation, Group exhibition, Titled: “No comment“, Curated by Teodora Talhos, Three video installations by me were exhibited in this show, Gallerie de Arta Reperaj, Oradea, Romania
  • Painting, Group exhibition “Summer Art Bash“, Curated by Roshi Rahnama, The Space by Advocartsy, Santa Monica, L.A., USA
  • Solo Exhibition, Titled: “First act, Second act“, comprised of two series of art works, a video installation entitled: “The edge of the cloud” and a series of Paintings entitled: “Seppuku”, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran


  • Group exhibition, Painting, Iranian Contemporary art, Avocartsy & Map, Somart Gallery, San Francisco, USA
  • Group exhibition, Painting, Etemad Collection, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Video art, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Agakhan Museum, Toronto Ontario
  • Video art, Group exhibition, Co-curated by Mehraneh Atashi & Sohrab Mohebbi, entitled “only the morning bird treasures the flower garden”, REDCAT, LosAngeles, CA, USA
  • Video art, Group exhibition, Triennale di Milano, represented by ZEIT association, (the project mappe curated by Maria Paola Zedda), Milan Italy
  • Video installation, Group exhibition, Curated by Maria Paola Zedda and organized by ZEIT association, the exhibition Mappe, Milan, Italy
  • Photo Collage, Group exhibition, (Tehran Monoxide Project), Project designer and curator: Negar Farajiani, Silk Road Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • Video Installation, Group exhibition, (My resisting Body), Curated by Gudrun Wallenbock, represented by Hinterland, Krongasse 20, Vienna, Austria

2016 – 2017

  • 2017 Painting, Artnet auction, represented by Advocartsy, The Space gallery, Sanata Monica, LA, USA
  • 2017 Video Installation, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Artscape Young place, 100 Shaw Street, Toronto, Canada
  • 2017 Painting, Group exhibition, Advocartsy, Art Brief III (Undraped women), Arena Gallery 1, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • 2016 Video art, Parallel Vienna 2016, in the section hosted by Hinterland Projects, Vienna, Austria,
  • 2016 Mixed media, Group exhibition entitled “Tree”, curated by Saba Mobini, Project was placed in the whole area of Fereshteh book city, Tehran, Iran
  • 2016 Painting, Group Exhibition, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2016 Painting, Group Exhibition, Art Brief II, Iranian Contemporary North America, co-curators: Roshi Rahnama, Tallinn Greigor, Arena 1 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
  • 2016 Photo-art, Group Exhibition, Curator: Bobak Etminani, Iranian painter’s society, Iranian Forum Galleries, Tehran

2014 – 2015

  • 2015 Video-art, Group exhibition, Curator: Samaneh Ahmadi, Azad Gallery, Tehran
  • 2015 Painting, Solo exhibition, Art nights, Sponsored by Artclvb and Reorient magazine, Assante group showroom, Richmond Hill, Canada
  • 2015 Painting, Group exhibition, Connections, Curator: Fay Athari, Arta Gallery, Toronto
  • 2015 Drawing, Group exhibition, Outo Totemize, Curator: Nima Zaghian, Igreg Gallery, Tehran
  • 2015 Drawing, Group exhibition, Takhti, Curator: Arash Tanhaie, Shirin Gallery, Tehran
  • 2014 Performance, Group exhibition, “Ja be Ja” II, Curators: Maryam Taghavi & Zoya Honarmand, Unpack Gallery, Toronto
  • 2014 Performance, Group exhibition, “Ja be Ja” I, Curators Maryam Taghavi & Zoya Honarmand, Azad Gallery, Tehran
  • 2014 Video art, Group exhibition, curator: Soudabeh Zahraie, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 2014 Video art, Group exhibition, curator: Axel Lap, Memmingen, Germany

2012 – 2013

  • 2013 Painting, Group exhibition, in memory to Lucien Freud, Etemad Gallery, Tehran
  • 2013 photo art and mixed media, art paris Art fair, Grand Palais, represented by Gallery Mark Hachem, Paris. Read more …
  • 2012 Video art, Videoart festival “MADATAK 4”, Museo Nacional & Centro de Arte Reina Sofia & Cineteca-Matadero de Madrid & Caoxa forum de Madrid, ecc, Madrid, Spain
  • 2012 Video Art, Group exhibition entitled “Rewind,Pause, Fast forward”. Curated by Etemad Gallery, Pi Artworks Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey. Read more …
  • 2012 Video art, Group exhibition, curated by Helia Darabi & Elahe Helbig, Institude of art history and archaeology, Bonn, Germany
  • 2012 Video art, Group exhibition, Mohsen gallery, Tehran
  • 2012 Painting and mixed media and video art, Solo exhibition, Mark Hachem gallery, Beirut
  • 2012 Painting and mixed media, a one day Solo Show, Etemad gallery, Teharn
  • 2012 Digital photo- collage with silver and gold leaves and blades, and video art; Seen art Gallery, Tehran

2010 – 2011

  • 2011 Video art, group exhibition, Devi-art Foundation, Delhi, India
  • 2011 Video art, group exhibition, 53 art museum, Guangzhou, China
  • 2011 Video art, Group exhibition entitled “Hinterland”, Berlin, Germany
  • 2011 Mixed media (digital photo and collage of blades on foam-board), Group exhibition, Tehran monoxide Project, curated by Negar Farajiani, Kherad Institude, Tehran
  • 2010 Video art, Group Exhibition (Big Lie), Curated by Farid Jafari, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran
  • 2010 Video art, Group Exhibition, Curated by Sini Coreth, Germany
  • 2010 Video art, Triennial “Port Izmir”, (Silent Storm), Curated by Dr. Necmi Sonmez, Izmir, Turkey
  • 2010 Painting and Video art, Solo Exhibition (Insomnia), Etemad Gallery, Tehran

2008 – 2009

  • 2009 Painting, Group Exhibition (7 artists from Tehran), Asia House, London
  • 2009 Video art & Painting, Group exhibition, Gedoc, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 2008 Painting, Group exhibition, F&A projects, Paris
  • 2008 Video art, Group exhibition, Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran
  • 2008 Painting & Drawing, Group exhibition, Niavaran Foundation, Tehran
  • 2008 Video art, Group exhibition, cultuurcentrum Brugge,Project was done in different places in the city of Brugge, Belgium
  • 2008 Video Art, Gallery of NJU, New Jersey, USA
  • 2008 Video installation, Solo exhibition, Azad art gallery, Tehran

2006 – 2007

  • 2007 Painting, Big sale of Iranian paintings, Society of Iranian painters, Saadabad Gallery, Tehran
  • 2007 Photo collage, Group exhibition, A memorial for the Iranian artist Iraj Zand, Artists’ forum Gallery, Tehran
  • 2007 Video art, An exhibition on the occasion of the XVIIth international congress of Aesthetics, Middle east technical university, Turkey
  • 2006 Photo art, international group exhibition, Kawaguchi art gallery ATLIA, Yokohama, Japan
  • 2006 Video art,group exhibition, museum of fine arts, Frieburg, Germany
  • 2006 Drawing, Group exhibition, Cultural section of the Embassy of Mexico, Tehran
  • 2006 Video art, group exhibition, museum of arts, Isfahan, Iran
  • 2006 Video art, Solo Exhibition, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran
  • 2006 Video art, Group Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

2004 – 2005

  • 2005 video art, group exhibition, Barakat trust,Oxford university, Oxford, England
  • 2005 Video art, artist’s forum gallery, Tehran
  • 2005 Video art, Niavaran Foundation, Tehran
  • 2005 Video art, Azad gallery, Tehran
  • 2005 Video art, Sala 1, Rome , Italy
  • 2005 Video art, artist’s forum gallery, Tehran
  • 2005 Video art, Aban gallery, Tehran
  • 2004 Video art, group exhibition, Ajeep gallery Delhi , India
  • 2004 Video art, art gallery Isfahan , Iran
  • 2004 Video art and photo art, artists’ forum Gallery, Tehran .
  • 2004 Big exhibition of new arts, Tehran University (student club), Tehran .

2001 – 2002 – 2003

  • 2003 Tehran gallery, New art exhibition, group exhibition Tehran
  • 2003 Hay art cultural center, group exhibition, Iranian, Armenia
  • 2002 Museum of contemporary arts, New art’s big exhibition, Tehran
  • 2002 Barg and Honar gallery, group exhibition, for “the women of Yas”, Tehran
  • 2002 Ladefouns center, 3rd thrinal of Iran and France , Paris
  • 2002 Painting exhibition (group 30+), Earth art gallery, Gunen , Japan
  • 2002 Group exhibition of painting, Bahman foundation’s gallery, Tehran
  • 2002 Painting exhibition (group 30+), small Metropolitan Museum , Gunen , Japan
  • 2002 group Painting exhibition, visual art’s gallery Tehran
  • 2002 Solo exhibition (conceptual art), Barg gallery, Tehran
  • 2001 Big conceptual group exhibition, Barg gallery, Tehran
  • 2001 Big exhibition of new art’s (group 30+) Museum of contemporary arts, Tehran
  • 2001 Group exhibition of painting, Meridian center, Washington D.C, U.S.A.
  • 2001 Group exhibition of painting, firoozeh gallery, Tehran

2000 & before

  • 2000 Group exhibition (group 30+), Niavaran foundation’s gallery, Tehran
  • 2000 Solo exhibition (conceptual), Barg gallery, Tehran
  • 1999 Solo exhibition (painting), Aria gallery, Tehran
  • 1998 Group exhibition (drawing), Barg gallery, Tehran
  • 1998 Group exhibition (painting), Shahnameh gallery, Tehran
  • 1998 Solo exhibition (painting), Aria gallery, Tehran
  • 1997 Solo exhibition (painting), Aria gallery, Tehran
  • 1996 Group exhibition (painting), 7 Samar gallery, Tehran
  • 1995 Biennalle of painting, Museum of contemparary arts, Tehran
  • 1994 Group exhibition (painting), Honar – Iran , gallery, Tehran
  • 1993 Group exhibition (painting), M. Hosseini’s gallery, Tehran
  • 1993 Group exhibition (etching), Seihoon gallery, Tehran
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