The space in between all the physical objects
Duration: 23’:05”
Year: 2015
This work comes in two versions: a) One-channel video art. b) Three-channel video installation.
This work is about the cause of migration when people must flee their homes due to war and hunger. It is about the experience of being in a transitional, displaced state.
The images are all about the floating people in the middle of nowhere. Here I am trying to portrait the very last seconds of the life of a drowning body, that last breath that inputs water into the lungs instead of breathing air. The middle image resembles the drawn corpse that eventually will be thrown to the shore by the waves and the sea. However, you will find all these moments as a beautiful poetic dance with the sound of the waves.
The narration is a selection of parts of the book by the Persian philosopher and founder of the Iranian school of Illuminationism “Shahab ad-Din Suhrawardi”. The selection of the phrases from this book depicts the wishes of a wanderer that is looking for a utopia but never finds it.

Stills from the One-channel video art: