Music and flowers
Duration: 8’:14”
Year: 2010
This is a video installation / video art
When I used to be a kid, right after the revolution, any kind of advertisement was abandoned both on the TV channels and on the streets. As a school kid whose childhood was merged with revolution and war, I liked reading books, drawing and watching TV, with that said the programs you could see on your TV were boring to death, and all that I remember is that if someone was daring enough to turn the “magic box” on, there was this “Kid’s program”, the “News”, and a movie or TV show and between them the “Flowers” and the “Music”. Those days, any kind of music was forbidden too, yet the magic box was allowed to show photos of the flowers alongside classical music, which later turned to be videos of flowers alongside with classical music. These images of flowers, whether it was a photo or a video, were ugly and kitsch, like all the photos you may find on these cheap postcards. Listening to Vivaldi is still one of my choices from time to time, but I think of those days that have been burned for nothing, all those lives that have been taken in the war, and all those useless ugly images of the beautiful flowers.