Title of the series: The blue backgrounds
Year: 2014 to Present
This is an ongoing series. I might add paintings to this series from time to time.
The main theme of this series of painting first came to my mind after I immigrated to Toronto.
In this series I am finding a way to connect the icons from the art history of the world who have some how made an impact on me in different periods of my lifetime with all kinds of differences they might have.
“S.K. The way that you are describing this series of works is interesting to me. Yes, this series is the direct result of transmigration. In these series of works, I am trying to adjust the most unrelated people to an unknown time that can never happen in reality. As you know in almost all of my art works, I somehow use my own body or portrait. Here in this series I am present as an observer and at the same time as the person responsible for the adjustments. […]” (Julia Allerstorfer, Interview with the Artist Simin Keramati, Kunstler Unterwegs, Harald Pechnlaner & Elisa Innerholfer [Hrsg.], Nomos, 2018, page: 152)