Title of the series: The edge of the blade
Year: 2011 – 2012
For so many reasons, like for that moment you try to count the stars shining in the dark sky above you, or that time you were reading under the bright light of the lamp, or perhaps for other simpler reasons, you might find yourself reviewing every moment of your life like you are playing on the slide of memories and swallowing them all and at once. Other than the joy, you will also find all the terrifying experiences that might have turned all these beautiful moments into a disaster. Those of you whose childhood, like mine, has been elapsed with the experience of war know exactly what I am talking about. You know that the beauty of all those moments was never expected to last. You know what I mean, you remember that the sound of “the red” alert meant that you have to turn off the lamp on your book at your bed in a glance and make sure that no other lamp is on while the red alert is penetrating deep into your ears, then you see the frightened faces of your mom and dad trying to keep you safe and sound smiling at you and whispering nice words into your ears. You could never be sure that all the stars that you are counting in the dark sky are the stars and are not bombing aircrafts. Those days are all gone now� you are not experiencing those moments any more (others might experience them at the moment), that said, this feeling will never let you be. This feeling, with a taste of bitterness is hidden beneath every moment of your life, cutting you repeatedly, as sharp as a razor blade. This feeling is hidden with its sharp edge somewhere in the air around you. You are feeling the edge of the blade on your skin, in your inside.

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