Title of the series: In between
Year: 2021 until present
I started this series in the crisis of a worldwide pandemic. It was a difficult time. Being in solitude, I worked on different ideas, but could not focus on what I am doing. Then I started to do paintings that worked like mantras, e.g. painting hundreds of red roses, or a detailed battlefield from a classical Iranian painting that belongs to Timurid era. Mixing the methods of painting from contemporary styles and older schools. The ideas for this series of paintings became stronger and bolder every day.
Eventually, I tried to work on the portrait of the influential Iranian women from pop culture on small sizes as sub-series of the In-between. I’d like to name this series of small sized paintings as The heavenly voices, which is a tribute to all the influential women who were inspirations to the Iranian culture and worldwide scene. I have made the tribute, in my way, by adding figures from the renowned classical Persian paintings from Safavid, Timurid, and other eras. As a respect to the forbidden voices and faces of the women in Iran ever since the 1979 revolution onward.
It is an ongoing series.
I will add other influential figures from the history (including other genders) to this series as well.

Red hair