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  Harvesting of high hopes
Offerings at Eighth Asian Biennale

It is heartening to know that Bangladesh won one of the Grand Prizes in Tayeba Begum Lipi’s "My Childhood-2" in Oil. It has the portrait of a tired and wan Bangladeshi woman’s face is a still as that made from terracotta while her eyes and eye – brows contain the blue of the veil through which she peers. The simple earthy features of the woman contrast with the tiny forms of the blonde and brunette dolls with their blue and white dresses. Lipi has known to question social norms over the years. Another woman to win a Grand Prize is Simin Keramati from Iran with her video "Rishing ir fakkubg." Here we are presented with a figure falling helplessly in a well with no one to save her as she struggles to escape. This video is shown in a claustrophobic area so as to arouse the atmosphere of congestion and fear.
Australia’s Micheal Riley with his "18 Cloud (Feather) " Ink jet on banner paper, and Lyndell Brown and Charles Green with their "Arcadia" won another Grand Prize and a memorable mentions. They explore several themes: fine art traditions and the popular culture of the Australian suburbs, the construction of meaning and the formation of identity. They present the consumer / cultural and the personal / political. The intersection of the two dynamics marks a key point in the journey of the Australian psyche from the past to the future. Riley’s entry has a gray feather seen against pale blue and white clouds while Brown and Green’s digital photograph has the scene of a sunset seen against a river with a jetty seen in silhouette, with the gray backdrop of the city in the distance, in gray set against the gold sky. Within the photo are insets of four idyllic scenes taken from book ilhustrations…

Dhaka Sunday January 18, 2004
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Harvesting of high hopes

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