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... Simin Keramati, from Tehran, Iran, said, "My work is a video installation about a well and I show the upper portion and lower portion of this well. The message is that someone has fallen into a deep well and needs hwlp. This is fixed in a small room as I wanted the audience to feel the darkness of the well and the helplessoess and bitterness of being Ionely and lost." Giving her impression of Bangladesh and she hoped to meet the local artists during the Biennale. With her was Mahmoud Bakshi who had cypress trees made from metal sheets and mounted on a pond of mirror that symobolised water. This visualized a verse in the Quran that promises a paradise with sky high trees and rivedrs. Her other colleague from Iran, Jamshid Haggigat shenas, had painted on wood, bringing in mythical images with modern ones that appeared like wooden puppets. Some have detailed stylised strokes in them while some had just been sketched in bringing in the epic of Sohrab and Rustam. Stars, moons, paisley patterns, flowers and other items from everyday life were included in the composition in blue, black and beige.
Ali Akai, a curator from Turkey who was a member of the jury for the Biennale, giving his impression of Dhaka, Said that he was totally overwhelmed by the traffic motor cars and rickshaws. He found the clothes colourful while the food was like the spicy food found in India. He had glance at some of the works so for and had to see more to pass any judgement.

Dhaka Wednesday January 14, 2004
The Dailt Star / page 16

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Faces behind the scene

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