simin keramati
  "I am not a female artist from the middle east in exile, I am an artist"
An interview with the artist Simin Keramati, by Julia Allerstorfer, published in the book:
Kunstler Unterwegs (Wege und Grenzen des Reisens), Herald Pechnaler and Elisa Innerhofer [Hrsg.]Nomos publication, eurac research, 2018. This interview is in English.
ISBN 978-3-8487-4788-7 (Print)
ISBN 978-3-8452-9044-7 (ePDF)

Visuelle Identitäten (Künstlerische Selbstinszenierungen in der zeitgenössischen iranischen Videokunst), Author: Julia Allerstorfer (Dr. Phil), transcript press, 2018 transcripts Verlag Bielefeld.

Title of the book: The Artist, The Censor, and The Nude (a tale of morality and appropriation), Author: Glenn Harcourt, DoppleHouse Press, Los Angeles, 2017

The Power of Learning, Hadi Mohit Interview with Simin Keramati, Spring 2017, Tootimag

14 Iranian Artists Explore Just How Complex Immigration And Identity Can Be In a tumultuous time for American foreign policy, these artists offer nuanced views of what it means to be Iranian. An Article by: Priscilla Frank, Feb. 2 2017, Huffington Post - Iranian Art today, By Susann Wintch, Dec. 2006

It's all about change, Snapshots from Tehran contemporary art scene, By Ingo Arend, Feb 2011

Exhibition: "Made in Iran" in London June- July 2011, Asia House.

Tehran Blues, One thousand and one_Iran 2009

Vergangene Ausstellung

Performing the Iranian state / Visual Culture and representations of Iranian Identity , Edited by Staci Scheiwller, Anthem publication, First publication in UK and USA 2013 -

Contemporary Iranian Art / New Perspective , Hamid Keshmirshekan, First published in Great Britain By Saqi Books, Printed in Lebanon, 2013 , "Performing visual strategies, Representation Concepts of female Iraian Identity in Contemporary Photography and Video Art" by Julia Allerstorfer

Art Tomorrow / Contemporary art magazine / No. +3 , Nashr e nazar, Tehran, Winter 2011 , an article by Behrang Samadzadehgan , and an interview by Khosro Khosravi

donnerstag, 20, februar 2014, nr. 42 süddeutsche zeitung

Edge Of The Blade


Faces behind the scene

Harvesting of high hopes

PM calls for enriching country 's art, culture

A festival without fanfare

Iranian Keramati, Best Artist at Asia Art Bienial

Tirgan Magazine, Toronto, August 2015

Marginalized notes

PERSIAN TRIBUNE Volume 2, Issue 4